Thursday, December 16, 2010


Another superb photographer, I must say.

The Photographer Studio.

Nicely captured. The colour remains original.

Something classic.

There you go, the skill.

Love the tone of this pic.

And this one too: Vintage sikit.

Love this!!!
The editing and the colour blend is perfect!

Simply fall in love with this too.

And this one too.

Can't get enough?
To view more?

Add them on facebook: ThePhotographerStudio



Ayu: 0122797844

Owh, forget to mention.

They do have a branch in Kuantan too!
So, to Kuantanese bride, you might consider them too! =)

Owh, currently they were having a promo:

Cepat. Fully booked, tak tau...

But, don't worry, the price can be nego some more.
Let them know your budget, and Im sure they can cater u!

Good luck!


ummphs.. said...

cik belle : saya suka la photog ni.harga dia pun ok. tapi sayangnye - cik belle letak post ni pas sy dah confirm ngan photog lain. :( huhu.. takpe. nanti amek post wed dengan dia plak. (cet! gediks!) :)

LisaLisut said...

i pun ade quotation from azrul sham.kawan i pas kan.hehe.mmg azrul sham bagus la dia kata sbb kawan i ni lelaki(best siut groom to be rajin cari quote,mana nk cr hihi)

h e r n y z a r said...

gambar tunang sara the photographer la amik.. hehe.

ElyaElmo said...

aku mmg jatuh cinta juggak dgn art derang niiii...huhuh

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