Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Love shoot: Camping

Planning to have a Pre/Post-wed photo session?

Might consider this theme: Camping, berkhemah berdua!

To tell you, I tak pernah suka aktiviti camping.
Memang I akan reject awal-awal if ada aktiviti berkhemah.

But, for photo shoot, ehem, I might consider la kan... Haha.

Nice photo-shoot:

The props used

Aww, suweet! "I Love You"

Wajib ada: Map and Compass

But the idea to capture the silhouette tuh best!

Aww, the props! Love!

More pictures, click here: Wedding Chicks


ElyaElmo said...

atia!! idea yg best besttt...since aku pun tgh pikir2 kan concept ape yg sesuai...might be considered dis one...thanks!!!! :D

^^mrs.deana^^ said...

dear..gud idea babe!!rse xde lg org wat cmni...u 1st do it!!:)

Norhayati Rostam said...

Nak tunggu la bila dah siap photo shoot tu.

ally said...

wah...idea best..cantik outcome nya..

iDa said...

nice....nmpak sgt santai...tambah pulak da ungun api kan...mst cantik...hehehe

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