Saturday, November 14, 2009

Take Out Boxes

Get inspired from Cik Nadia Bayu. Good choices, I must say. I found out that this type of favors is quite new to be introduced to our Malay wedding. But, I would love to have them during one of my majlis, be it during Engagement or Reception nanti. Googled around to search for some ideas and I found out these:

*Pics were taken from Google Images Search*

Simple enough to deco them. With ribbons and flowers. Lovely! And don't forget to attach together with your thank you tag. As for now, I dont have any ideas on what to put inside. Just because I dont know its actual measurement. Nanti fikir later.Hiks. Great news, our local vendors have these kinds of boxes. Can get them from Ole Ole Manis or D'Renjis.

And, this one is taken from Cik Nadia Bayu's blog:

I just love the used of pink lace ribbon to deco hers. And the stickers too. Sweet enough. Comel. Creative. Will add this to my checklist! Wee~

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