Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Centerpiece murah lagi jimat

Sedang mencari idea untuk centerpiece. Kot la nanti caterer hanya menyediakan meja dan kerusi without centerpiece. So, harusla DIY sendiri. Dan ini i jumpa semasa blogwalking. Very simple and murah. Guna aje clear glass, lilit2 glass dengan ribbon. Tadaaa. Selain daisy, tak tau bunga apa lagi sesuai untuk letak dalam gelas panjang ni yer? Huhu. Saya tak pasti adakah selamat untuk letakkan candle bersama candle holder atas meja santapan. Risau juga anak-anak kecil terbalikkan candle nie. =| Sape nak jawab kalau alas meja terbakar? Ho-ho.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fuchsia Pink!

Ever heard this bridal name tak: Que Rafael Bridal. Try google, tapi jumpe facebook account die je. Ehehe. Cantik jugak pelamin-pelamin die. Based area Shah Alam. Nahwal, u penah dengar tak? Hihi. Hasil kerja nya:

Fuchsia pink. Cantek. Sesuai untuk engagement nanti. =)

Tunnel. Menarik jugak ek. If event malam, cantik la ek. Ada lilin bagai. Nice..

Pics were taken from: Facebook|Que Ariffin

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Armani or CK?

Busy, busy, busy. With new semester has started, with limited internet connection, assignments, nah, my blog pon has been neglected. Kesian kesian kesian. Time do fly fast! Erggh.

Quick update. Yesterday, went to the curve. survey for perfume. So, its either Armani or CK. Kami rancang mahu beli same brand, dan dari koleksi yang sama juga. Jadi, mesti consider 2-2 bau, baik for men and baik juga for women. Ada yang baik for women, tapi for men tak best. and vice versa. So strike them off from the list!

I terpikat pada botol armani frangrances yang satu ini. Bau pon best. CK, botolnyer simple aje, tak menarik sangat, tapi sangat terpikat dengan baunya. Owh, pening-pening. Tak tau nak pilih yang mana. Consider budget pulak lepas ini la kot,eyh?

Dapat tips dari SA. Best month to buy frangrance is on Febuary and December. Why? Basically because of Valentine's and Christmas offer. Jadi, kami tunggu sehingga Valentine's offer la nanti. This SA jugak bagi tips on how to cut-cost. Katanya, beli perfume yang same brand, one for him, and one for her, then asked SA to wrap seperately. Slalunye, they can provide you free samples, and free gift item such as shower gel ke, miniature ke... untuk nampak banyak la. Jadi, ringan-ringan kan la mulut untuk mintak banyak-banyak free gift. hehe.

I pon tak tahu either this is one of their strategy or what? Huhu. Tapi, semalam i do compare the price, kalau beli perfume set, one for him and one for him, boleh cecah 6-7ratus untuk 2 set. Kalau beli perfume sahaja and asked for a free gift, around 500 sahaja untuk 2 botol perfume. Kena cari SA yang best la mcm ni. Sila buat muka kesian dan cari SA melayu. =) Mereka faham yang nak kawen belanja besar. HikHik.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Something to share..

Just want to share about her experience yang ditipu oleh seorang WP. Lepas baca her blog, i takut betul nak hire WP. Cik Ika, the blog owner share her stories about WP yang penipu. Hope this will help you. This WP quite well known, sebab tiap-tiap bulan mesti ade advertisement from company ni dalam Majalah Pengantin. I pun pernah simpan niat nak hire die since die sediakan dari A-Z. After reading her blog, I takut betul. So, hati-hati. Thanks to Cik Ika sebab share.

Link Cik Ika: Perjalanan 30 Mei

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weight Loss Foods

I found this article on Yahoo! Health and would love to share with you all, ladies. Tihihi. Who knows this might help us who on diet. Ngeehihi. So ladies, dont forget to add these foods for weight loss in ur daily meal ya! Goodluck!

  • Beans
If you're not a legume lover, consider this: In the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, scientists found that people who consumed beans were 23 percent less likely to have large waists than those who said they never ate them. The bean eaters in the survey also tended to have lower systolic blood-pressure measurements, says research Victor Fulgoni III, Ph.D. Legumes are rich in belly-filling fiber as well as potassium, which helps fight hypertension. Aim for half a cup of cooked beans 3 or 4 days a week.

  • Apple
Turns out, an apple a day may also keep the extra weight away. Penn State researchers discovered that people who ate a large apple 15 minutes before lunch took in 187 fewer calories during lunch than those who didn’t snack beforehand. (The apples had around 128 calories.) What’s more, they reported feeling fuller afterward, too. Sure, the fruit is loaded with belly-filling fiber, but there’s another reason apples help you feel full: They require lots of chewing, which can make you think you’re eating more than you really are, says study author Julie Obbagy, Ph.D.

  • Eggs
Skip the cold cereal: Eating eggs and bacon in the morning can help you control your hunger later in the day. Indiana University scientists determined that dieters who consumed their biggest dose of daily protein at breakfast felt full longer than those who ate more of the nutrient at lunch or dinner. The upshot: “They were less likely to overeat the rest of the day,” says study author Heather Leidy, Ph.D. To fend off hunger, shoot for at least 20 to 30 grams of protein at breakfast.

  • Salmon
Fish isn't just good for your heart; it's good for your gut, too. That's because omega-3 fatty acids help you feel full longer, report scientists from Iceland. In the study, dieters who ate salmon felt fuller 2 hours later than those who either didn't eat seafood or had cod, a fish with little fat. The researchers found that eating foods high in omega-3s (like the ones to the left) increased blood levels of leptin, a hormone that promotes satiety. Hate fish? Take a fish-oil capsule every day - one that has 500 milligrams of the omega-3s DHA and EPA. It offers the same benefits as salmon.

  • Milk
Instead of fruit juice, reach for moo juice in the morning. Drinking milk at breakfast can help you eat less at lunch, Australian scientists say. In their study, overweight people who downed about 2 1/2 cups of skim milk in the morning consumed 8.5 percent fewer calories at an all-you-can-eat lunch spread than people who drank the same amount of fruit juice. Both beverages had an equal number of calories, but the milk contained 25 grams of protein while the fruit juice had virtually no protein and 63 grams of sugar. Those may be big servings, but the principle remains: Protein helps you feel fuller throughout the morning.

Source: here

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pameran Pengantin 2010

Rindu betul rasa dengan blog. Been away for 2 days. Sebok tolong bestie punya majlis on 3hb hari tu. Will upload pic soon once dapat pic from my bestie.

Today i just want to blog about Pameran Pengantin Malaysia 2010 yang akan diadakan di Ampang Point Shopping Centre. 6hb Januari - 10hb Januari 2010. Meaning esok ok da start. Ehehee. So sesapa yang bekerja di area Ampang, sila sila pergi jengok OK. dan make sure, report about it di blog ya. share la something.

InsyaAllah, I will be there on 7th January since I have two classes to attend tomorrow. Pagi satu kelas, malam satu kelas. So, in between agak2 sempat tak i cilok ke KL sekejap yer? Tihihi.

4 hari punya pameran i rasa memang cukup sesuai sangat. Amek pamphlet from all vendors, lepas tuh balik rumah tengok2 compare price, survey sikit dekat inet, then next day or next two days, come again and bargain first ya! Hihi. Berkenan, letak depo terus to secure the date. Pameran Pengantin kali ni, i cuma nak check out on pelamin bertunang and fotographer. Tuh main. Lain-lain, boleh jengok untuk doorgift and hantaran maker, maybe on canopy, caterer ke..

Kalau ade aim mane-mane bridal boutique, make sure u know their price. Kalau beza banyak, then, i think bagus jugak untuk letak depo. Tapi, kalau harga same aje, make sure tanya ade ape-ape free gift tak. Heh. =P dapat free handbouquet pon da kire ok da tuh. =) kalau tak tahu diorang punya harga on certain things, make sure u have certain budget ya. Amek vendor yang paling reasonable price nye.

So goodluck ladies! Nanti report jangan lupa yer.. Ehehe.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Tentang photobooth

Idea untuk mengadakan photo booth di hari wedding timbul setelah beberapa blogger memperkenalkan idea ini di entry mereka. TQ to them. Such a cute idea eyh. Dan haruslah mencorak idea of how to decorate the booth and such. Idea untuk membuat photo collage sebagai backdrop timbul setelah nampak gambar ini hasil dari blogwalking. Ngee.

Source: From CS team

Simple saja. Tetamu tentu muak tengok pengantin sakan berposing dalam photo collage tuh. ehehe. Pedulik. Ini wedding saya. Ngee. If the photos are from lomo camera mesti lagi cantek. Photobooth boleh juga digabungkan dengan meja guestbook. Dan harus letak seorang photographer hanya untuk snap pic tetamu. Ehee. Letak tripod sudah. =) Jadi, tak perlula nak hire profesional photographer kot. Guna tripod, pasti gambar tak gegar punya. Hi-hi. Dalam kepala da nampak orang yang bakal dipertanggungjawabkan untuk ini, sia-siala kalau hantar belajar 3thn dalam bidang photography tapi tak mampu buat kerja sesenang ini. Hmmp.

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