Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Aleescha

11 October 2016

So today, Aleescha turns 4 years old.
She requested a birthday cake with a themed : Sofea The First.
And, I haven't ordered any.
Bad mommy. Sobs.

We'll see, what cake mommy will bring home, today, ok kakak?

Happy Birthday, Aleescha!
We'll sing a birthday song together with Sarra and Ayah, tonight, ok.
Hopefully, you will enjoy cake cutting and blow candles ya, kakak?

Sayang Aleescha sangat!
And, Sarra too!


Mrs Kecik said...

ko masih update blog rupanya.. blog aku tahap x hidup dah. haha

Dila said...

selamat hari jadi, menjadi anak yang baik

blogindo said...

corar coret tapi blognya rame

Dani Ahmad said...

banyak cerita banyak sejeki, semoga tambah rame kunjungan blognya. Terima kasih sudah berbagi.

andri tirta said...

terima kasih sudah berbagi cerita dan informasinya, salam kenal.

gazzgazz said...

terima kasih sudah berbagi informasinya

amelia jac said...

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